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Dr. Sudha Devkota

Firstly, it is an honor and absolute pleasure of mine to be designated as Director of the National Center for AIDS and STD Control. I am hopeful that with the help of my supportive and capable team, we will together reach our goal of ending AIDS as a public health threat in Nepal by 2030.

Our National Policy on HIV and STI aims to establish Nepal as "Society free of HIV/AIDS and STI". Currently, statistic shows that 30,300 out of almost 30 million population are living with HIV wherein, adult prevalence rate stands at 0.13%. In Nepal, the key population prone to HIV/AIDS and STI are categorized to be male sex workers, female sex workers, transgender sex workers, gay men, prison population, people who inject drugs and the migrants going to India. As of December 2021, out of the population infected with HIV/AIDS, 21723 receive free HIV treatment services from 83 sites located in 61 districts of Nepal. In Addition to this, HIV testing and counseling services available throughout the country.

Furthermore, over the last two decades, the support from Government to implement the various strategies has been significant, along with the help of our Government and our various allies, my team and I are hopeful and look forward to skillfully executing our vision towards ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030 through our 95-95-95 goal approach.

Lets us all together make our country, Nepal a "Society free from HIV/AIDS and STI".